How we started

Starting off as a passion project in McGill BioDesign, an engineering design club affiliated with McGill University, Biocene was founded by a group of undergraduate students with a shared desire to better the world around them. Conceiving an algae-harvesting device called Algo, Biocene entered into McGill’s bicentennial student sustainability challenge, impact200, where its creativity and commercial viability were recognized with the Public Vote Award. Wanting to push the limits of its potential even further, Biocene entered McGill's Dobson Cup, an entrepreneurial competition cultivating the best of the university’s talent, where it finished in 3rd place in the Environmental Enterprise track. Continuing to ride the momentum, Biocene participated in X-1, McGill’s startup incubator, the result of which was incorporation into the commercial operation it is today.

Along the way, Biocene has recruited a diverse team of talented individuals bringing both technological and business expertise to its ranks. The passion exhibited in its initial conception continues on to this day in Biocene’s mission to provide circular solutions for environmental restoration and the establishment of a green market renaissance.

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