Steven Lee,
Cloud architect

Steven graduated from McGill Computer Science in 2021, and was recently a Unity Mobile Developer for National Research Council Canada, where he worked on object detection to recognize human gestures. He has experience as an Undergraduate Research Assistant in Natural Language Processing, and as a Game Programmer at McGill. Steven was the head organizer of McGameJam 2021 for Game Dev McGill. As a cloud architect, Steven works on developing systematic solution and implementing new technologies. His hobbies include writing tutorials on the web and going on walks with his cat.

Jonathan Ng,
Software Engineer

Jonathan is a recent graduate of McGill University, where he earned his degree in Computer Science in 2021. He gained startup experience at Curbside, a traffic solutions startup, where he was responsible for building machine learning models and implementing services. As a software developer, he is tasked to develop IoT solutions and create the infrasture of the company. Outside of his work, Jonathan is an avid fencer and  a cook. He enjoys exploring different cuisines and experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen.

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