Brianna Krane,
Product Designer

Brianna is a third year McGill Materials Engineering student dedicated to creating a more sustainable, equitable, diverse, and inclusive world through technology and innovation. She has previous experience as an intern within the Product Sustainability and Strategy team at Bombardier, and within the Materials Engineering department at Eyelight Technologies. She was also involved with Friendship Circle 3.0, a project to promote inclusion among young adults with and without special needs. As a Product Designer, Brianna works on developing graphic and industrial designs, and discovering and implementing new technologies. In her spare time, Brianna enjoys reading, painting and cooking.

Frédéric Verrier,
Product Designer

Frédéric holds a bachelor’s degree in architecture from McGill University, and is now pursuing a Master of Architecture at Columbia University in New York. He is currently working with ReCONstruct, a multi-institutional initiative to decarbonize the Canadian building stock and build climate resilience, where he is developing policy and decision-making tools to guide market adoption of new retrofit solutions. As a student at McGill, he worked as a research assistant creating a web-based tool to foster a circular economy in the Canadian housing stock, and he investigated the impacts of the built environment on people living with dementia. As a product designer, he is involved in designing and testing new technologies in the Algo system. Frédéric loves spending time outdoors, skiing, mountain biking and exploring new territories.

Aidan Gaul,
Product Designer

Aidan is a fourth year mechanical engineering student at McGill with a lifelong passion for using design and invention to make the world more sustainable. He has pursued this passion by working on student climate initiatives like Just Imagine, where he helped design a modular green-roof system to reduce the urban heat island effect and provide more green spaces for urban residents. He is also a member of SEAM (Sustainability in Engineering at McGill), where he’s working on retrofitting the potted plants in the engineering buildings to be self-watering. As a Product Designer, Aidan works on developing graphic and industrial designs, and discovering and implementing new technologies. Aidan spends his free time watching movies, making music, and painting on his balcony.

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