Kimia Shafighi,
Chief Executive Officer

Kimia is currently doing her Master’s in the Integrated Program of Neuroscience at McGill University after receiving her bachelor’s degree in Biomedical Engineering. During her undergraduate studies, Kimia created and was the president of McGill Biodesign, and worked on transformational applications in biotechnology and microscopy as a Research Assistant. Kimia has also worked at Kumon since 2013 helping students in Mathematics and Reading. As CEO, Kimia manages the overall resources and operations of the company, and makes major managerial and operational decisions. She is responsible for overseeing the ideation, planning, and implementation of projects, as well as managing the company’s organisational structure and setting strategic goals. In her free time, Kimia enjoys salsa dancing and playing foosball.

Hasan Sagheer,
Chief Technical Officer

Hasan is a fourth year Materials Engineering COOP student at McGill with an interest in Biomedical Engineering. He has experience as a research assistant at McGill working on improving software to model the electron in energy dispersive spectroscopy programs, and designing and testing a process to make biomass-derived coke to decarbonize the steel industry. As CTO, Hasan oversees the development of the company’s main device, and discovers and implements new technologies to increase the company’s competitive edge. He is also responsible for managing the technical team and developing the company’s strategy for using resources. Hasan enjoys playing volleyball, cooking, and music.

Shagun Sachar,
Chief Marketing Officer

Shagun is a fifth year McGill Bioengineering student who is passionate about neural and regenerative engineering. Shagun has previous experience as an Engineer Intern for WELLMED International Industries, an Administration Intern for the Society for Nutrition, Education, and Health Action Mumbai, and a Core Team Executive for COVID19 Helpline India. Shagun has recently worked at Aviyel, a tech company as a community development intern and as a research intern at Famwork, a healthcare company. She is also the VP Internal for McGill Biodesign. As CMO, Shagun oversees the company’s overall advertising and sales strategy, and coordinates marketing efforts with the company’s financial and branding goals. She is also responsible for creating a stable network of strategic partnerships for growth purposes, and managing the marketing team. Her hobbies include experimenting with different rhyme schemes when writing poetry and heavy lifting.

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