Justin de Vries,
Chief Production Officer

Justin is a recent McGill Bioengineering graduate. He has previously worked as an Undergraduate Lab Assistant analysing lamin structures in progeria cells, and an IT Assistant at McGill Engineering Microcomputing Facilities. Justin also provided support and companionship for patients as a volunteer at the Royal Victoria Hospital ER. As CPO, Justin oversees the product management team and works on product innovation, product development, and developing a product vision. He also develops and fine-tunes the company’s strategy for using resources.

Dahyun (Anne) Kyung,
Chief Operations Officer

Anne is a recent McGill Bioengineering graduate interested in biomaterials, biosensing, biomimetics, and sustainability-oriented applications. Her research experience includes work involving in vitro modelling and nanoparticle synthesis for the detection of medial calcification, investigating the toxicity of nanoplastics from face masks, and fabricating sutures with hemostatic hydrogel coatings. During her undergraduate degree, Anne was VP Design and a Team Lead for McGill Biodesign, an executive member for McGill Power to Change, a violinist for I Medici de McGill Orchestra, and a coordinator for McGill Fish Frosh. As COO, Anne oversees all day-to-day administrative and operational functions of the company. She is responsible for managing the production schedule, coordinating between teams to meet deadlines, and onboarding new members. In her spare time, Anne enjoys exploring cafés, solving sudoku puzzles, and all things creative.

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